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A spark to light technology: How a software giant is helping tech in Grand Forks and beyond through TechSpark grants

April 20, 2020

Andrew Weeks | Grand Forks Herald

Joshua Riedy doesn’t consider himself a drone guy – and yet it is his work with unmanned aerial systems that has caught the attention of the world’s software giant.

Riedy is building a reusable platform for sensor data, particularly aerial imagery, so that unmanned systems can be operated remotely. 


Airtonomy Platform


Maintaining the integrity of your assets shouldn’t be difficult, costly, or time consuming. Airtonomy alleviates those burdens. Automation allows nearly anyone to operate our system even in complex and inaccessible environments.

Airtonomy enables accurate, timely, and reliable image capture. We provide a seamless progression from pre-flight planning through post-flight data analysis. Integrated models sift through big data, classifying damage according to severity.

Pre-Flight Sync
Push-Button Flight
Post-Flight Sync


Airtonomy bridges the gap between synthetic data and real-world missions. Airtonomy is partnering with Microsoft to improve flight routine safety and reliability within “digital twin” environments. This affords the ability to efficiently deploy autonomous solutions with the assurance of safety and accuracy.

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