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Located in the renowned ‘Silidrone Valley’, Airtonomy is focused on realizing the holistic concept of reusable aerial imagery including technical, methodological, and policy aspects.  We are creating a framework for secure, remote, autonomous, multi-drone operations.

Our vision is a comprehensive solution for generalists that offers time, cost, and accuracy advantages over what expensive specialist contractors currently provide.

For the first time, it will be cost-effective and easy enough for non-pilots to complete drone-based inspections, and thereby detect failures before they occur.



Dr. Joshua Riedy


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Josh has industry knowledge as a Chief Operating Officer in the renewable energy inspection sector and more than 15 years of expertise managing complex, multi-party technology projects, coordinating government agencies, higher education systems and private parties. As a former CIO and with a software development background, Josh is proficient in the areas of research computing, IT architecture, and development. He also has substantial academic experience having received grant funding from notable organizations including the North Dakota Department of Commerce, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and National Science Foundation.

Beth Davis


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Having served as a Senior Vice President at Adobe, Beth has experience conceiving, launching and exiting multi-million dollar technology products and businesses. She was the founder of a predictive analytics business and has overseen the development, management and commercialization of large, national datasets. Beth demonstrated expertise in launching new products into emerging market segments, exemplified in her increasing responsibilities for product development at Macromedia that contributed to Macromedia’s ultimate acquisition by Adobe for $3.4B.

Dr. Jim Higgins

VP Flight Operations

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Jim is an aviation industry expert, with more than 15 years direct experience as a pilot, instructor, and professor with project and research expertise in air traffic safety and Unmanned Aircraft Systems, including drones use in power industry inspections. In his role, Jim will be our conduit with standards organizations, monitor and respond to federal and local policy, and set approach to flight given current and evolving regulatory conditions.


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Dr. Travis Desell

Chief Computer Science Officer

Travis has overseen and managed large, big data and predictive analytics projects. He is a prior awardee and technology specialist on NSF grants and is a recognized expert in programming, Java and C++. Travis has been a professor of Computer Science at UND and Rochester Institute of Technology. In his role as Lead Developer, Travis will be responsible for integrating the systems developed by 3rd party partners and our CCS and delivering the user experience layer as well as the underlying models and applications for measuring, storing, analyzing and reporting on the data generated during inspections.

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David Kaefer


David is a technology industry veteran and licensing and partnership expert. Currently Vice President of Licensing for Spotify, David has a 19 year tenure at Microsoft, culminating with his role as General Manager - Windows Store, VR and Quantum Platforms. David brings his expertise to forging viable partnerships, devising and managing first of their kind licensing relationships, and complex multi-billion dollar multi-party agreements.