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Full Time

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May 4, 2020, 10:00:00 PM

About the job

Airtonomy is a fast-growing team of software engineers, robot specialists, aviation experts, and machine learning professionals building the software that industries are adopting for managing their drone fleet. Airtonomy is more than just drone management, we use advanced computer vision techniques, neural networks, and emerging technologies to autonomously capture, package, transport, integrate, and act on data.

Come grow our autonomous drone management tools and enable our research teams to deliver new and exciting autonomous flight and machine learning products. Software you develop will be used to interface with our autonomous robots and support their safe operation. The Front-end developer will be responsible for understanding business requirements and constraints, converting those into wireframes and mockups, and supporting the team in creating a unified product interface.



  • Gain feedback continuously from users, customers, and colleagues

  • Convert business requirements and constraints into coherent, accessible, and aesthetically pleasing interfaces

  • Manage the product design lifecycle including requirements gathering, prioritization, ideation, prototyping, development, testing, and iteration

  • Support operational teams to improve customer interactions with products

  • Collaborate on end-user documentation

  • Refine and grow the Airtonomy brand resources

  • Stay up-to-date with emerging technologies

Candidate Requirements

A successful candidate will have the follow qualities:

  • Proficient in designing web application in HTML, CSS, JavaScript or TypeScript

  • Proficient in designing user interfaces for web applications

  • Experience with major JavaScript frameworks (jQuery, React, or Angular)

  • Experience with HTML layout methods and user interface systems

  • Experience with cross-browser compatibility

  • Experience with source control management (Git, Mercurial)

  • Exposure to continuous integration and delivery

  • Bonus Experience: Functional programming experience (Elm Lang)


Work Hours & Benefits

As part of the Airtonomy team, your time will be spent working both independently and as a group to complete critical projects and develop software solutions to advance the goals of the company and its customers. Work hours are flexible and regulated by the projects and work product required by your team and team supervisor. Benefits include Equity Options and a 20% bonus based on your monthly salary to be allocated at your discretion between additional compensation, health/vision/dental coverage and/or retirement contributions.

About us

Airtonomy is developing software for drones that can be used in a variety of energy industry applications, from inspecting wind turbines and power lines to data analysis, all by pushing a button.


United States