BY Edward Lundquist

Unmanned Systems | Pages 32-34

North Dakota appropriately celebrated American Wind Week 2019 at a wind farm, Xcel Energy’s soon-to-open Foxtail Wind Farm in Dickey County. But Foxtail represents more than a typical wind farm — it has become a convergence of technologies that will have far-reaching implications for the state and beyond.

One Pilot, Multiple Drones

SEPTEMBER 10, 2019

BY Patrick C. Miller

Josh Riedy, CEO of Airtonomy, foresees a day when there won’t be one pilot flying one drone on one day to accomplish one mission. Instead, it will be one pilot flying multiple drones to accomplish thousands of missions over the course of a year.

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Microsoft TechSpark grants $100K to North Dakota’s Airtonomy drone startup

APRIL 23, 2019

BY Alan Boyle | GeekWire

Microsoft has awarded a $100,000 TechSpark grant to support Airtonomy, a startup that’s partnering with the University of North Dakota Aerospace Foundation to blaze a trail for drone applications in North Dakota’s “Silidrone Valley.”


TechSpark Fargo: Grand Farm project will create the farm of the future

OCTOBER 17, 2019

BY Kate Behncken

For generations, farmers throughout North Dakota have traditionally hired seasonal farm hands to help with planting, harvesting and other jobs. Digital technologies and big data are transforming agriculture. 

Intern pioneers new UAS technology

SEPTEMBER 10, 2019

BY Connor Murphy

What started as a simple search for summer work now has Connor Propp on the cutting edge of unmanned aircraft system applications.

Before joining the team at Airtonomy, a UAS technology startup in Grand Forks, the UND electrical engineering major had only a passing interest in drones or piloting.


Local startup seeks Microsoft grant to make data more available

DECEMBER 8, 2018

BY Bonnie Meibers

A Grand Forks startup could begin on a project that would make data and imagery from unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) more available to everyone.


Here’s why Microsoft just invested $1.5M in a North Dakota high-tech farm project

OCTOBER 17, 2019

BY Taylor Soper | GeekWire

The Redmond, Wash. tech giant today announced a $1.5 million investment in Grand Farm, a project in North Dakota designed to spur innovation around farming and agriculture. Microsoft will provide its technology such as FarmBeats, as well as its own employees that will help with Grand Farm initiatives.

Microsoft TechSpark initiative invests in UND to propel US drone industry innovation

APRIL 23, 2019

BY Microsoft News Center

Microsoft Corp. and the University of North Dakota (UND) Aerospace Foundation announced Tuesday that Microsoft has granted $100,000 in project funding that will drive investment and boost North Dakota’s ambitions to be the epicenter of U.S. drone innovation and entrepreneurism.


Grand Forks start-up to receive $50,000 from city growth fund

DECEMBER 3, 2018

BY Emily Allen

Local drone startup Evolve Analytics touted its partnerships with the Grand Forks Region Economic Development Corp. and the UND Aerospace Foundation Monday night, as they sought yet another relationship with the city of Grand Forks.

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